Diggle needs to teach a class on thinking before acting. Attendance should be mandatory for everyone else on the show.


I love Diggle. 

I love Felicity

I love Delicity. 

And I love hot cocoa


There should be more Felicity and Diggle scenes in these coming episodes. Like while Oliver and Sara are together (and kinda being shoved down my throat with Laurel even counseling them), Felicity and Diggle needs to have a lot more bonding moments. Ahihihi!

Olicity friendship has been put in the…

This is not BROTOP to me.


funny Dig has a girlfriend but I love how they play around with Delicity like in 2x16 <3.


I don’t care if Dig + Lyla is canon, Delicity it’s chemistry, sparkles, electricity and desire to me. Lyla + Dig doesn’t make me feel like that, it’s only cute.

I will ship it for life no matter what.

But Diggle and Felicity tho


”and i love you for it”

she just told him she loves him… i cant

they just give me feels i cant help it

i know they are like siblings to each other

but whatever it is they give me feels

Dilicity - 02x16


It seems as if the writers replaced all cute Olicity scenes with cute Diggle scenes.